About KANjer

First, let me introduce myself

My name is Angelique Mulder-Brouwer, Master Child Physiotherapist since 2012. In January 2020 I took over the paediatric physiotherapy practice in Blaricum from Olga Ottervanger and continue under a different name: KANjer kinderfysio. The word KANjer carries ‘can do’ in it and it implies: ‘Youre doing great things’ or ‘You can do anything you put your mind to’.

I have been working as a child physiotherapist since 1998 and I have broad experience in the field. I started my career in London, in a university hospital and later in a children’s rehabilitation centre. After 15 years of living and working abroad we returned to the Netherlands, where I started my masters degree in paediatric physiotherapy and worked in private practices, special education, early years diagnostics kindergarten groups and the international schools in Hilversum and Utrecht.

In addition to my work as a child physiotherapist, I am involved in education and research projects for the pediatric physiotherapy master’s program. The alternation between education, research and practice keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about my great profession.

Working with children and their parents in a playful yet purposeful and effective way inspires me; nothing is as motivating as seeing a child shine with pride and pleasure when he or she learns something under my guidance.

I am married and have two  sons, who both study at university and practice rowing intensively. Sport and exercise play an important role in our family. I like to play tennis, practice yoga, cycle on my racing bike, walk with our dog and, whenever possible I like to ice skate and ski. I am creative, love to read, craft, cook and travel.took

Angelique Mulder-Brouwer

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What a child’s physiotherapist does

As a child physiotherapist, I look for the child’s strengths to help to improve their skills and movements. The strategies a child naturally chooses is a good starting point from which to connect with the the child. We practice in varied and playful ways, using fun and child-friendly materials. Your child will move and function better and enjoy and build his or her confidence. Because moving becomes fun, your child will start to naturally put things to practise and repeat. Repetition is key to motor learning, so the development of motor skills will continue to improve, also after therapy finishes.

I treat babies, toddlers, pre-school children and those aged 0-18 who have motor developmental delay or have problems with sports or other physical activities. These children may have difficulty on a physical level, but often this also influences them on a social and emotional level: if children experience physical challenges, they are often excluded from sports and games.

I cooperate with the children and sometimes their parents and teachers to try to improve their functioning and engagement with their peers. As a result, they become more included whilst playing with friends and have a greater chance of succeeding in sports.

This is how KANjer works

What to bring at the first appointment

  • Your child’s ID card or passport and health insurance card
  • Referral (if you have one)
  • A video showing your child’s problem can be very helpful

The treatment

  • Your child will be treated at the highest professional standard; mainly exercise therapy
  • Treatment is done in a playful ways with child-friendly and fun therapeutic and educational toys and products
  • Treatment is aimed at your child’s problem and treatment goals and follows a treatment plan
  • Your child’s progress will be regularly evaluated

Where does treatment take place?

  • Children from 0-2 years can be assessed and treated at home
  • From about 2 years of age, assessment and treatment usually takes place at the KANjer kinderfysio practice
  • Visits to your child’s school or daycare center are possible when this adds value to the assessment process.

Any further questions?